Size: 19 m2
Occupancy: 2 Adults
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A babà may either be a single-serving dessert or a big cake to be shared with company; but it can also be what you call your slightly silly friend or again the compliment you pay a sweet young girl (“è dolce comme a nu babbà”, she’s as sweet as a babà).

To reflect the richness of the word babà, we’ve designed this 22-square-metre gem.

The walls’ light hue is the perfect backdrop for the two boldly-coloured pieces by international artist Alessandro Flaminio of Le Voci di dentro’s art studio. His San Gennaro and Pulcinella, on display in the room, depict the sacred and the profane (you decide which is which). Contemporary art goes hand in hand with the past, represented by a piperno column that was unearthed and restored during the renovation works. The sight of its imposing nakedness commands respect.

Three horn-shaped lamps flood the room with white and red light.

From the double bed, refreshed by the air conditioning, you will enjoy this little exhibition, which also includes two prints by Colonnese Publishing, portraying Pulcinella leaving for the Moon and coming back (proving sceptics wrong, who said he never got to the Moon).

The “wellness” area is available behind a little door, where you’ll find an en-suite bathroom with a large lit shower box, two sinks, toilet and bidet[db1] .

At tea time, you may sit at the little round table and listen to music, read or watch TV.

At sunset, pick a smart outfit from one of the room’s coat stands, or find it still in your suitcase, on the luggage rack. You’re now ready to go out: your room is the closest to the B&B’s front door.

Just walk out. A babà is waiting for you.

 [db1]Mi pare ci sia