Shuttle service

Just landed at Capodichino airport? Arrived by train at Piazza Garibaldi station? Happy to be back on land at the Port of Naples? Our fast and cheap shuttle service is available 24/7.

Parking garage discounted rates

You may park your car at the Quick parking garage at Porta di Massa, which is 750 metres from the B&B. Our guests enjoy a rate of 20 euro/night, i.e. a 10 euro discount on the regular rate.

While we wait for you to make your way to Casa del Principe, we’ll put some coffee on.

Public transportation

There are four metro stations just a few steps away from us, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Choose Garibaldi if you want to get a sfogliatella before boarding; Università if you want to walk down Mezzocannone with its youth and culture; pick Museo if you feel like popping into the Archaeology museum before travelling; or Dante if you want to window-shop for books or musical instruments.

Once you’ve boarded the metro, a 15-minute ride costing 1.10 euro will take you to Piazza Vanvitelli, the heart of the Vomero neighbourhood, with its shops and breath-taking views. 

Capodimonte is 15 minutes away by bus. It’s a palace surrounded by a forest, where you’ll listen to stories of kings and admire precious ceramics.           

By train: out of town

A ten-minute walk will get you to Porta Nolana and Piazza Garibaldi, where you’ll find the Circumvesuviana train station. The stops’ names give you clues of what awaits you: San Giorgio, hometown of Massimo Troisi and home to stunning mansions such as Villa Vannucchi and Villa Bruno. Portici, with its harbour full of nice little restaurants and the Pietrarsa’s train museum. Further on, Pompeii and Herculaneum, two amazing open-air museums. If you’ve stayed on the train, you’re reaching the first two gems of the Sorrento Coast: Scraio and Vico Equense. Have you fallen asleep on the train? Get off at the end of the line, Sorrento. Enjoy!