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Siamo nel cuore di un Patrimonio Mondiale dell’Unesco. Il Centro storico di Napoli è nella lista dei gioielli dell’umanità dal 1995. Nelle architetture laiche e religiose, nelle strade asfaltate e in quelle che ricordano il passaggio delle carrozze, tra piazze, statue, fontane, perfino nell’aria c’è la sovrapposizione di culture e popoli che hanno lasciato traccia indelebile del loro passaggio in città. Un libro di Storia a cielo aperto, pronto a farsi leggere dai nostri ospiti. Basta varcare l’uscio di “A casa del principe” per ritrovarsi a scegliere tra due delle più richieste attrazioni turistiche di Napoli: Cappella San Severo e San Gregorio Armeno. Meglio andare a vedere il Cristo velato o la strada dei pastori? La vicinanza alla nostra struttura potrà aiutarvi a non rinunciare a nulla. Sempre restando nei dintorni del vostro alloggio, per l’arte religiosa, potrete visitare le tantissime chiese della zona. Imperdibili: il Duomo di Napoli, straordinario per imponenza, e la Chiesa di Santa Chiara, la più grande basilica gotica della città.

Are you looking for comfortable and convenient accommodation in Naples? Slap bang in the city centre? Close to not just one, but four metro stations?

You?re in luck, we bring you A casa del Principe, a very special B&B: it?s colourful, lively, fanciful: in a word, it?s Neapolitan!

We are located at the heart of the historical centre of Naples, a Unesco World Heritage site since 1995. Sacred as well as secular architecture, paved new streets and those that remind us of carriages driving by, squares, statues, fountains, even the air show the overlapping of cultures and peoples which have left a lasting mark on the city. It?s an open-air history book, ready for our guests to read it.       
Right on our doorstep you?ll find two among Naples? most popular attractions: the Sansevero Chapel and San Gregorio Armeno. Will you choose the Veiled Christ or the crib shops street? They?re both so close that you can do both. You may also visit the many churches in the area, especially the imposing Duomo and Santa Chiara, the city?s biggest gothic church). We would also like to recommend the convent of San Domenico Maggiore, where you can see the cell where San Tommaso D?Aquino lived in the late 1200s.       
Adventure lovers must visit Underground Naples; when you come back up to street level, you?ll enjoy artisan shops, picturesque alleys, squares and obelisk. And when your stomach starts rumbling, feed it a tomato pizza, but get ready to queue, as pizzerias are in great demand here.


Walking around

You?re a culture lover but not too keen on traffic or lengthy metro trips? No problem. A Casa del Principe is quite central, which will allow you to walk to many of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Naples, from the Veiled Christ to the Santa Chiara church, from the nativity scenes of San Gregorio Armeno to Underground Naples and the many museums of the historical centre. If the sun shines, which is likely, do take a walk to the seafront, a pedestrianised street full of restaurants, where you?ll smell the sea and the yummy fish dishes. A mandatory visit: Castel dell?Ovo

Tradition or modernity? When in Naples, drinking coffee is your duty. We offer you breakfast at the following two coffee bars:

-       Scaturchio. Historical Neapolitan patisserie. Founded in 1905, Scaturchio is located at the heart of Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. You may enjoy Neapolitan or American coffee, cappuccino or various other hot beverages, whether at the counter or at a table. To give you more energy for the day ahead, do have a croissant, a graffa (fried doughnut) or a brioche. Beware: the sfogliatella is addictive!

-       Caffè svelato. The fine aroma of freshly-brewed coffee will fill your room every morning. The bar is just a few steps away, next door from the museum hosting the Veiled Christ.      
Sweet or salty, lactose-free, all tastes are catered for. We recommend you tried the homemade single-serving cakes.

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